DAY 25 – D.J. Keep Playin’ (Introducing @djdsmooth)

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I was lucky enough to get a few of the qualifying Toronto DJs to follow me on Twitter so I took FULL advantage of this direct contact.  D-Smooth was the first to get back to me with some links to his mixes.  While he made suggestions, I had a field day going through his site,



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Derrick M., otherwise known as D-Smooth, is a Toronto, Canada, based Disc Jockey (DJ) that has created an illustrious career, by playing the hottest hits at venues across Canada. Through hard work, Derrick has positioned himself to be a highly prized DJ, by garnishing the respect of his industry peers.

Since 1995, D-Smooth has been performing at private parties, corporate events and at different nightclubs, demonstrating his extraordinary talent of seamlessly mixing and blending a wide range of genres from Hip Hop, Rock, R&B, Soul, House, Reggae, Electro and Dance. As a pioneer to the online game, D-Smooth transformed the way music was consumed, by streaming live-recorded mixes on the Internet for his loyal online list of hungry enthusiasts. In 2003, D created to house his critically acclaimed classic mix tapes such as; “A tribute to fallen artists”, “Real Smooth”, “General Consensus” and “Ear Candy” and as well as a venue to his live mixes. Since then, D-Smooth has built an impressive resume, by launching countless episodes of mixes and podcasts that further grew his online following…

I cannot tell you the joy this brought me. First of all, Biggie. Second of all, Aaliyah. Third of all, The Beatles.  A DJ after my cold, black (racial) heart will be able to mix all the things I love, and maybe some things I never paid attention to, into a casserole of jam perfection.  THIS mix right here……so effin’ breezy!

I will definitely be sharing more of my favourites I discovered of his (PLEASE NOTE: he has a remix entitled “Beyonce – Party.” *single blink*  So you know where I’ll be living for the next few hours on repeat. I’m just saying you can’t remix Queen Bey and have me not lose m’damn mind.)
Why I dig what D-Smooth is doing?
I dig any artist/DJ/musician/producer who has a vast musical reference mind-library & D-Smooth can take this title for the following reasons:
  • the element of surprise will work in your favour
  • diversity in genres, riddims, eras – that’s what keeps an audience wanting more
If you’re taking liberties to mix Nirvana into Amy Winehouse, then your brain works on a whole. notha. level and I’m living for it.
Whole Nother Level
Watch D-Smooth go for the Tdot crown at the Red Bull Thre3Style Regional Qualifier: Toronto on Sept. 26th.  RSVP here!
D-Smooth Info:
Toronto Qualifier