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DJ Intrinity

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DJ Intrinity was born into a family of Disc Jockeys and music lovers. Trini (Trinidadian) at heart, it was only natural that he started entertaining a mature Caribbean clientele at the young age of 11, with his older brother, best friend and mentor, Sylvester “DJ Lee” Francis (1975-2001).

Driven by a passion and an unconditional love and appreciation for all genres of music, this young DJ’s incomparable talents has led him to play not only at most of the major venues in Toronto, but Festivals and events in major cities across North America and the Caribbean, including; Toronto, LA, Hollywood, Miami, Atlanta, Boston and New York. Intrinity has also headlined at the same venues as some of the world’s top acts, such as; Drake, LMFAO, Avicii, Deadmau5 & Justin Bieber, to name a few.

While Intrinity plays all genres of music, I really enjoy the amount of house and electro he infuses into his mixes. I hope the audience pays close attention to him; I have a feeling he’s got something different to throw at us. I can see why he made the top 8. He has the experience to take this opportunity in stride, the chops to give his seven competitors a run for their money and the drive to not go down without firing on all cylinders.

My instincts say his set at Red Bull Thre3Style Regional Qualifier: Toronto (September 26th, don’t forget to RSVP) is going to be next and I’m getting pretty excited ’bout it. I’m not envying the judges right about now.  At all.  But you brought this on yourselves!!! *single blink* Just sayin’.

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Toronto Qualifier