DAY 25 – D.J. Keep Playin’ (Introducing @djdsmooth)

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I was lucky enough to get a few of the qualifying Toronto DJs to follow me on Twitter so I took FULL advantage of this direct contact.  D-Smooth was the first to get back to me with some links to his mixes.  While he made suggestions, I had a field day going through his site,



(Below stolen from

Derrick M., otherwise known as D-Smooth, is a Toronto, Canada, based Disc Jockey (DJ) that has created an illustrious career, by playing the hottest hits at venues across Canada. Through hard work, Derrick has positioned himself to be a highly prized DJ, by garnishing the respect of his industry peers.

Since 1995, D-Smooth has been performing at private parties, corporate events and at different nightclubs, demonstrating his extraordinary talent of seamlessly mixing and blending a wide range of genres from Hip Hop, Rock, R&B, Soul, House, Reggae, Electro and Dance. As a pioneer to the online game, D-Smooth transformed the way music was consumed, by streaming live-recorded mixes on the Internet for his loyal online list of hungry enthusiasts. In 2003, D created to house his critically acclaimed classic mix tapes such as; “A tribute to fallen artists”, “Real Smooth”, “General Consensus” and “Ear Candy” and as well as a venue to his live mixes. Since then, D-Smooth has built an impressive resume, by launching countless episodes of mixes and podcasts that further grew his online following…

I cannot tell you the joy this brought me. First of all, Biggie. Second of all, Aaliyah. Third of all, The Beatles.  A DJ after my cold, black (racial) heart will be able to mix all the things I love, and maybe some things I never paid attention to, into a casserole of jam perfection.  THIS mix right here……so effin’ breezy!

I will definitely be sharing more of my favourites I discovered of his (PLEASE NOTE: he has a remix entitled “Beyonce – Party.” *single blink*  So you know where I’ll be living for the next few hours on repeat. I’m just saying you can’t remix Queen Bey and have me not lose m’damn mind.)
Why I dig what D-Smooth is doing?
I dig any artist/DJ/musician/producer who has a vast musical reference mind-library & D-Smooth can take this title for the following reasons:
  • the element of surprise will work in your favour
  • diversity in genres, riddims, eras – that’s what keeps an audience wanting more
If you’re taking liberties to mix Nirvana into Amy Winehouse, then your brain works on a whole. notha. level and I’m living for it.
Whole Nother Level
Watch D-Smooth go for the Tdot crown at the Red Bull Thre3Style Regional Qualifier: Toronto on Sept. 26th.  RSVP here!
D-Smooth Info:
Toronto Qualifier

DAY 26 – D.J.’s Get No Credit

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…and Red Bull Thre3style gon’ change all of that. #fact

As into music as I am, I was not as well-versed on the DJ scene as I’d like to be. This changed IMMEDIATELY upon hearing that Red Bull Thre3style is bringing the world finals to Toronto. Ya, y’heard me! Every single qualifying DJ from around the world is going to descend upon MY hometown in November to spin, scratch and leave their sweat onstage with the most diverse sets you’ll ever hear in one spot.

Four Color Zack takes the 2012 Red Bull Thre3Style Championship Title

Four Color Zack takes the 2012 Red Bull Thre3Style Championship Title at Metro Chicago

Whatchu know about Four Color Zack (@Fourcolorzack)?

Four Color Zack is the current Red Bull Thre3style title holder and for every good cotdamn reason. Also, a super nice dude! I implore y’all get your lives with FCZ’s winning set below.

*single blink* 

O………….K! Stevie? The Rocky Theme? Rihanna? The Ramones? 50 Cent? Bruce Springsteen? A-ha?! What the actual f*ck just happened in 15 minutes?! (Watch his set here!)

I could copy and paste every write-up I’ve read on FCZ and why I think he’s sickening as f*ck but I’m pretty sure your non-stop moving bampsy while listening to this is all you’ll ever need to know (please note: I’m listening to him as I write this post).


How dope is this?!! AAAAAH! I can’t tell you how excited I am for this competition. It’s like the gods read my diary and created an entire competition based on the things I find sexiest: music & men (not that this competition is closed to women, SHOUTOUT TO DJ RAYRAY <3, but let’s be serious about MY needs). Every single day until the Toronto qualifiers (Sept. 26th), I’ll be counting down all my favourite things about Thre3style focusing on past winners, the 8 qualifying Toronto DJs (D-SMOOTHINTRINITYJOOCEKID MKM-ROCKMAKEMMENSAWHATIF) and mixes from the known-to-the-unknown DJs who’ve all been part of taking this competition to a global soundstage.

SB DISCLAIMER: Everyone has a Red Bull opinion, I hear it on the daily.  Please trust me when I say, I’m not here for it. If you’re thinking of providing your negative two cents, I’d think twice about leaving it here. I’m surrounding myself with good & positive vibes and no one can deny the Shaquille O’Neal-sized cultural footprints this company is leaving behind.  Red Bull Thre3style is simply another amazing example of this.

Let me know what you think of FCZ’s set!  Make sure you RSVP to the Ontario regional qualifiers this month (Facebook links below):

Red Bull Thre3style Regional Qualifier: Ottawa – September 21
Red Bull Thre3style Regional Qualifier: Toronto – September 26

To follow Four Color Zack, here are the links you need:

Toronto Qualifier