You Oughta Know

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I think my soft spot was left irresponsibly in the open when I was a child because I feel so slow at very specific times in life. Most often when I never know if I’m on a date.

*single blink*

While you may be able to deduce where you are or are not and what you are or are not doing, I. Never Know.  Sometimes I’m out with a boy and I’m fully thinking this is a date – like, romantic intent is happening inside my belly and across the table. But I’m wrong because I’m soon helping him decode the conversation he had with his girlfriend the night prior.  Other times, I’m fully hanging out with my friend and upon saying our goodbyes, I’m slowly removing his lips from neck. Lips I didn’t ask for nor want.  Is it my intent that is misplaced? Am I just not getting it? Should I immediately switch my brain to “Oh, this is ON!” mode even though I’m not feeling it one little bit? I just can’t bring myself to believe it works this way. Am I completely oblivious?

Are you supposed to ask what type of hang out the hang out is? I mean, I can hang out and be breezy and just let things be but if I agree to “hang” with someone under false pretences, how is that fair to anyone?  I get together with many friends, my ladies, my dudes, my gays and we all use the same terminology.

If a date is a date there shouldn’t be any doubt…right?!