DAY 23 – Great DJ (Introducing @KidMK)

Please press play: 


Photo cred: Paul Swanson

Photo cred: Paul Swanson

I tried to use my social media cunning to grab info on Kid MK and came up with nothing. I’m thinking the “MK” should just stand for “Mystery Kid” because I can’t find his back story. It would appear he wants the music to speak for itself and with good reason. (Also, I could’ve just asked him BUT I DIGRESS!!!!!!!) Let’s SoundCloud together, y’all!

Sigh! These mixes are providing me with hours and hours of joy. I wish my iPod shuffled this sweetly. I always get stuck in a D.U.T.T.Y. Limp Bizkit/KISS/William Shatner/50s Lounge Instrumentals-blackhole it can’t seem to get out of.  Do you know how much MJ, Elbow, Leadbelly, NIN and Tribe I have on my iPod, why doesn’t it shuffle that?!  *single blink* Probably because it knows I can gets what I needs from Kid MK.


Maybe I should attack this from a different angle. What likeable things did the internet teach me about Kid MK?:

  • When “The Newsroom” doesn’t air, he gets Hulk-ish
  • He, as well as so many of us, were stuck in a space-time continuum of Kendrick’s “Control” verse and just wanted answers
  • He understands the importance, and recognizes the nostalgia, of a well-placed 90s alternative track

He’s just like you and me, folks. Except he’s a (whiz) Kid on them tables. (See what I did there???) I’m just scratching the surface, obviously. I’m not a producer or a professional music critic. I just know what I like and my ears likey all o’dis.  I’m going to keep bugging him for more information until I see his set at Red Bull Thre3Style Regional Qualifier: Toronto (SEPT.  26TH).  Get your tickets at

Until then, follow him on all the necessary platforms: Facebook, Twitter & SoundCloud.

Toronto Qualifier


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