She Blinded Me With Science

Please press play: 

I performing an experiment after a friend date last week. We briefly discussed if I’d ever go back to online dating or if I was truly done with it. Without hesitation I told her I was done. We can all agree that was the best bread and butter of my blog, right? (Alliteration and bread referenced in a sentence almost made me climax just now…. *single blink*)

When I got home, her question stuck with me. Online dating has been a constant for the majority of my adult life – am I over it? Here’s the full experiment run-down:

  1. Rejoin one free online dating site for two weeks (I began last Sunday)
  2. Don’t phone it in; make a legit profile
  3. If I receive any messages, engage in conversation without sabotage
  4. At 11:59PM on Saturday, August 3rd, delete profile

My hypothesis is I’ll be more than happy to be rid of the profile. My fear is I’ll hesitate removing my profile because of my forever dependency.  So far, I’ve reconnected with someone I spoke to on another site several years ago and he remembered my name! I had no idea who he was, I’m still murky on details I just remember his name. Of course he is still online. His game…I can’t even with it.

There was a promising second person who caught my interest until he didn’t because he’s an idiot.

One more week…

no online dating

Thank Christ…I think the spell is broken.


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