My Father’s Eyes

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On Saturday afternoon, I went on a belated Father’s Day date with my one and only, daddy. I took him on the subway for his first time in years. My dad’s an electrical engineer, so we can’t just ride the train – he needs to G.I. Joe* the heck out of the trip. I found out about the way the stations were built, the reason why certain brackets are used, the significance of every number used by the TTC and why it corresponds to what. *single blink* That’s my dad for you!

My Daddy & me

My Daddy & me

I don’t remember the last time I simply hung out with my father. Any time I see him, he’s here to fix something in my home but this was just a plain, old hangout with daddy. We went to Allen’s where I had a drink with him for the first time. I ordered him a meal I thought he’d enjoy. I paid for the meal and then we took a stroll along the Danforth.

Do you know the most significant moment of my Saturday with my father? We passed a bridal boutique where I absentmindedly commented on one of the dresses in the window. “That’s pretty,” I said and continued walking. My father, thinking it was just your average clothing store, replied, “Yes. VERY pretty if you’re getting married.”  I found myself chuckling and saying, “Well, that’s not happening anytime soon.” Almost to himself he said, “You really never know.”  I just looked at him; as the almost-32 year old I am,  as the little girl I always feel like when I’m around him. All the illogical reasons (still working hard on these, guys) I have for not being “desired” or “pursued” by eligible men diminished exponentially because this man beside me, thinks I’m the most beautiful person in the world. He doesn’t see my single status in the negative way my mind always creeps toward. He believes I’m single because no man has yet to be worthy of ME and it’s only a matter of time before someone wakes up and realizes I’ve been walking around this world.

I’ll take that sentiment…and I’m going to run with it.

*Knowing is half the battle.


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