What A Difference A Day Makes

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I did something last Friday I don’t normally do: I went out voluntarily. *single blink* VOLUNTARILY!  I know, I KNOW!

Inside the bar, I stuck to lonesome until a gentleman I didn’t know well joined me. I decided to clamp onto that moment and really go for it and engage in conversation, shed my nervous skin and really have a conversation with intent. And it worked!  When he left for the night, I didn’t stick around much longer. I made my rounds and said my “goodbyes” and decided to walk a bit before jumping on the bus.

Cut to 30 seconds into my walk.

I stop at a bench to rest my purse so I can find my bus pass and a man asks me if I know a good place to grab a drink. I resort back to my old aggressive and unapproachable ways and bark: “You are asking the WRONG person. This isn’t my scene. You can try that bar there.” I gesture violently toward the bar we’re beside.  He looked at me and nervously chuckled and rephrased his question: “I meant, I was wondering if you’d like to grab a drink. With me.”

Sigh. Like…calm down, girl. That was the first time I even looked at his face. Cute smile, his top teeth were on a slant. I don’t know why I found that charming but…I did. His hair was salted with greys and I’d say he was in his mid-to-late 30s. Maybe 6′. I could tell he probably had a drink or two before this conversation but he was sincerely asking me for a drink. I apologize and told him I was heading home but he was welcome to walk with me to my stop. He tells me he’s new to the city, moved a few months ago from B.C. He works in film, building sets and doesn’t have many friends in town except for his dog.

We reach the intersection and he asks if he could call me some time. I haven’t been asked for my number in many moons and in the days where I was being asked, I didn’t give it out.  This time, due to my “Yes, and…” mentality, I gave it to him. We said our “goodnights” and parted ways. If he calls, cool. If he doesn’t, no regrets.

It’s a slow start to this brave new world of meeting real-life men in real life but I’m starting somewhere.  Let’s see what this week brings, shall we?

This will never be me again.

This will never be me again.


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