Eight Days A Week

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If I had more time in my life, I would keep you guys posted on so much more.  This is just a life recap to catch you up on what’s coming next for Single Blink and  what I’ve been going through. Trust me, I’ve been going through some thangs!

I am not Oprah but I have so many favourite things and I decided I’m just going to sprinkle your lives with them over the course of the summer. I have a bunch of Q&As with the boys who make my world go ’round – I really hope you enjoy them.

What else can I tell ya?  Oh yeah, I recently realized I’m in love. It’s not a love I’ll pursue because I’m too tired but hey, seems like my heart still works. These are positive steps!

Other things: I won one year of free brunch at SCHOOL in Liberty Village (Toronto) and it was simply too miserable outside when I wanted to hibernate all winter. I believe I’m going to dust off the ol’ brunch card and head there this weekend to gorge.

Funny story about crushes gone wrong: I have an admirer. He’s made himself known to his co-workers who have told me several times of his interest. This guy even sent a co-worker in with a saved photo on a phone to remind me of who he was and ask for my number. I politely declined. Well……what a mistake that was! Let’s just say it’s been an interesting few weeks of this admirer periodically stopping by my office but never admitting to what he’s asking his co-workers to do. He found me on Facebook, but not to add me, just to send me a digital ‘poke.’  Oh yeah, and there was this time, back at my office, when he told his co-worker to remind me that he looks like Puff Daddy.

First of all, he does not. Second of all, WHY would you think this would further entice me?  Does he think I was sitting here waiting for that one thing, that one integral nugget of information, that would make me break down and melt?  If so, telling someone you resemble P. Diddy is the road less travelled for a dyam reason. In the latest chapter of this thrilling saga, he has enlisted another co-worker to dig up some intel on me.  It was very important for him to know if I enjoyed lychee-based/flavoured beverages. *single blink* 

For some reason, this level of effort leaves me feeling very cold and weary. Maybe I can’t be pleased ever in life. Maybe I should just paint Homer Simpson’s face on my body pillow and call it a life. So with THAT, I leave you with a dear friend’s handiwork; a collage of sorts to help you visualize this entire hilarious nightmare. Today I present to you:


Puff Daddy

Stay tuned for what happens next because this admirer is not done by a long shot!


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