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Now that I’m an Essential Woman, I think we need to have some grown-up conversations. I began this blog as my own outlet to vent about my frustration with dating/men/sex/etc. and while this remains true, I was overwhelmed with how many of you related so let’s have some ACTUAL talks.


Email me!


I feel like I’m riding solo when I know you’re out there. I want to hear (and share if you’re about it) your experiences too.  In saying that, let’s get down to the tippy-top of all Ts*:

When was the last time you came across a legit tenderoni IRL? *single blink*

Lick lips 2

Where are the tenderonis?

Right?!?!!  I saw one in my office last week and my period started immediately. The sight of this ‘roni LITERALLY burst my ovaries!  This is not good, Toronto. So this is my PSA to my city (and the cities you’re in if you’re realizing this is a real problem):

The summer is coming, I’m daily turning into the finest wine and I’m not seeing ‘ronis on a regular basis. I’m not about that life. At all. You’ve been warned.

*”the T” means “the Truth” 


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