WTFF: Arianne Young on “Careers”

In today’s edition of “What The F*ck Fridays:”

Saidah, Sook-Yin, Patti, Maya………!?!?!!?  *single blink* If you didn’t know it then well, you better know it now…I am an Essential Woman.

The Essential Women’s Guide: 53 – Arianne from The Essential Women’s Guide on Vimeo.

Photo: Simone Maurice

Photo: Simone Maurice, Crew neck: North Star, Featherbone Earring: Gardé Del Avante, Straight-laced collar necklace: Bizou, Essentials: Arianne Young

In other news: I still can’t watch myself on a screen and I did babble and don’t feel I answered the question;  BUT I did listen to it and I didn’t turn into dust! Be gentle, guys. I’m essential but still still a fresh(wo)man at this.

I was so honoured when Simone approached me to a part of this growing library of positive, strong women. I know so many women who inspire me daily so I think you should do this too. It’s super fun – you choose one card from a full deck and simply answer the question: “If I could give women one piece of advice on <insert topic on card>, it would be…” and speak from your heart. Contact Simone on Twitter at @TEWG_Vlog so I can share your words too!


2 responses

  1. You gave great advice. I especially love the fact that you took the truth of 2 strikes and made something you love and a thing of power. Love the example you’re showing for other black women and love your style.

    Much love

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