Embraceable You

Please press me: 

I put a lot of stock in someone who knows how to give a hug. I’ve been looking through old journals and I seem to always pay special attention to the hug I received that day, especially when they came from the opposite sex.

I think a lot can be determined by how a man gives hugs. Have you ever been on a date with someone and either at the beginning or end of the date, they hug you but their arms are loose or they do those rapid-fire back pats? *single blink* No? Just me? WELL, I hate that!  If you’re not into me don’t give me a hug that could only be described as “condescending.”

I haven’t had a memorable hug in a long time, not until recently, which is why I think this is top of mind. So fellas, if you’re going to hug a lady (friend or otherwise), do it with some intent.

Good hug.

Good hug.

Hug Bad

Bad Hug

This message brought to you by the Single Blink Board of Embracing.


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