The Best Man

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There is no perfect man. I do feel, however, there’s the right one for all of us.

*single blink*

Now that I’ve pitifully prefaced this post with what I should be saying, let’s talk on the real-real-real-REAL-real-REAL-REALLY-real tip.  I loves me a lot of celebrity men: from Steve Buscemi to Jeremy Renner to Sean Hanlon-era Ryan Gosling to Mr. Damon Wayans, Jr. BUT…if I had to choose ONE man who isn’t the perfect one, but the BEST one for me, I’d have to choose (from H-to-T) Chris O’Dowd.  This choice is based strictly on how I perceive him in the public eye. I don’t know him. He could be the worst person alive but from the minimal online interaction I’ve had with him and watching his interviews and the roles he chooses to play and what he chooses to wear and how he chooses to breathe and…   Well, based on that, I need me a Toronto Chris O’Dowd.

If you haven’t read this article by Jada Yuan posted on Vulture (but originally published in New York Magazine), please do (click here!)

My favourite quote describes the type of relationship he has with his wife, Dawn Porter and this is EXACTLY all I need:

“They’ve taken to saying the words hashtag marriage to each other whenever they worry they’re becoming boring. “I’ll go, ‘Hey baby, how are you doing?’ And she’ll go, ‘I’m pretty sleepy.’ And I’ll go, ‘I’m sleepy, too.’ And then she’ll say, ‘hashtag marriage’ and we’ll fall asleep.”


Liiiiiiiiiike, c’mon! That’s so wonderful and right. The reason why this man’s EVERYTHING resonates with me is I honestly believe that how he presents himself is as close to who he is without the cameras and lights. He has these rapid fire quips to keep you on your toes, he’s charmingly self-deprecating or outright confident but always with a wink to let you know he’s in on his own joke. He just wants to know the craic all of the time and that’s just grand.

Photo: Peter Hapak/New York Magazine

Photo: Peter Hapak/New York Magazine

That’s all I’ve got. I’m going to go back to my archives and read everything else I have on this man. And go see The Sapphires if you haven’t already. I was lucky enough to catch the first screening at TIFF last year and it was my favourite movie of 2012. Music, comedy & Chris O’Dowd – you cannot go wrong here.

Who is your ‘best’ celebrity man? Not ‘perfect’ and not ‘favourite’ but ‘BEST!’


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