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Last year, I campaigned to meet Donald Glover and I’m happy to admit I did get that opportunity. It’s not a story I’m going to re-tell because it was beyond surreal. One day, just not today.  2013, however, is a time for newer and bigger goals and I’m beginning a brand-new campaign entitled #WaitingForWayans!

I can’t explain my fandom for his ABC sitcom “Happy Endings” or him in general. He’s a bonafide prince of comedy royalty (The Wayans Family). His hilarious delivery and complete comfort in wildly abandoning any and all inhibitions for a laugh; I almost forget he’s a MAY-JAH Baldwin*! (Proof pictured below).

Damon Wayans, Jr. in GQ

Damon Wayans, Jr. in GQ

His character, Brad Williams, is married to Jane Kerkovich-Williams (played by Eliza Coupe), and you know how I feel about positive on-screen depictions of in-love couples. The mere fact they’re an interracial couple is icing on the cake – no pun intended. I could’ve said it was chocolate icing on all dat vanilla cake, but I didn’t want to go there. *single blink*

It’s come to that point in his career when he should chat to an unknown blogger about his success with this show and his thoughts of interracial couples on tv, his ups and downs in the real world of dating and just get all the T*.  I think this would be an enlightening interview and pretty much a dream for me.

I need y’all to tweet him at @wayansjr and let him know what’s going on. This will be long and arduous but I’m hoping you’ll help be the bee in his bonnet. Please copy and paste the message below into a tweet:

“Greetings @wayansjr, @Bettykiss wants to interview you. Don’t leave her #WaitingForWayans. #SingleBlink”

Let’s make this happen, it will only benefit you when you’re laughing your heads off from whatever I get from him.

*Baldwin – A really hot guy. He is usually dateable and it raises your social status if you go out with him. (Thank you, Urban Dictionary & Cher Horowitz from “Clueless”)

*The T – The truth


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