(What’s The Story) Morning Glory?

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I was chitting-the-chat with my brother this weekend about this blog and how stagnant my social life is. We all know I’m not currently dating and that’s okay buuuuuuuuuuuuut then what’s the point of this blog?  How do I have a blog about the perils and joys of dating when I isn’t?

*single blink*


He says my thought process makes most thing palatable and I’m infinitely interesting. Well, damn…with all these great qualities why are the mens not lining up? Anyway, he gave me this really cool angle: “When ROMANCE becomes the subplot of a romance novel.”  RIGHT?!  Because isn’t that the case? My fairytale will be my fairytale regardless of how it pans out…  Romance for me involves a man showing up at my door, gifting me a large bag of Double Hit Kernels I don’t have to share while he clutches a beat-up “Maximum Overdrive” VHS tape because we’re gonna have a movie night.  My expectations are not high, Blinkers, but they’re obviously incredibly specific and for that, I will be happy in my own mess right now.

So I’m not “re-writing” my story, I’m just taking this chapter into a new direction where I’ll have to establish new characters and different locales for all the ridiculousness to continue. Starting now… (don’t worry, I won’t bring up “Scandal” again…but it airs on ABC on Thursdays @ 10pm EST!!!)

This is kind-of exciting, everyone! I’ve been working out every day and loving how I feel. I’ve been cooking more often and who knows, maybe I’ll feed someone else one day. I’ve been saving money for my home renovations and a trip to somewhere tropical in a few months (yay!). And my little treat to myself has been weeding out all my old clothing and slowly rebuilding my wardrobe with my fashion inspirations in mind (Gwen Stefani & Solange – they’re fabulous and so am I).

Runway shade

Me on the subway platform every morning. Shade thrown everywhere.

The moral of this story is, whether you’re still online dating, dating “regularly” (whatever that means these days) or like me, not dating at all, how are you keeping busy? What are you doing for you? How are you bettering yourself for no other reason than you being deserving of it?  TELL ME, I WANNA KNOW!


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  1. Hi! I’ve been reading this blog for ages and figured it was time I commented… I was single and didn’t date at all for most of last year after coming out of an unhealthy relationship, and I had an absolutely fantastic time. In fact I still miss my single days a little bit.

    I started a new job (at a Library!) and saved heaps of money also, I auditioned for a Choir and was accepted and still happily rehearse once a week, I did yoga, I read a ton of books, I also cleared out my wardrobe and bought myself good quality stuff, and maybe overspent a little on shoes; I learnt the value of a little Counselling and made new friends. Not a lot but I still really value my alone time now I’m in a relationship again and make sure I get it. Downside – I became slightly addicted to shopping online which has now been curbed in the interests of travelling to Europe instead!

    • Oh hello Caitlin, I think you and I are the EXACT SAME PERSON. Except I haven’t been in a relationship in almost 7 years…haha. Everything else, is pretty much spot on…new job, throwing out the old and bringing in the new, feeling better about yourself. I love this story and thank you for sharing it.

      AND it still gives me the warm and fuzzies when someone says they’ve been reading the blog. I appreciate that!

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