Schoolin’ Life – A Beyoncé Monday

Please press play: 

It’s the Monday after the Super Bowl and Beyoncé was the half-time attraction. So here are:

Single Blink’s Top 7 Learnings from Queen Bey’s Half-Time Performance in GIF Format

1.) Thick girls are the healthiest and sexiest girls.

Beyonce SB6

2.) Kelly Rowland is the absolute truth. I’m obsessed with her and you should be too. Bandwagon jumpers are all welcome.

Kelly Rowland

3.) I need to work on my entrance into public forums.

Beyonce SB

4.) Women, we’re magical creatures when we work together.

Beyonce SB4

5.) My summer body workout is brought to you by last night’s half-time show.

Beyonce SB5

Just click on this image to see the Realness.

6.) If I don’t love me, how in the hell can I expect anyone else to?

Beyonce SB7

7.) Never forget your past. Learn from it and be bigger and better.

Beyonce SB8

So to everyone, male or female, who has a hater mentality about ANYTHING pertaining to me:

Beyonce Basic

*single blink* …and I sure as hell won’t.


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