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If you’re a Facebook friend, a Twitter follower or you know me in real life, you will know how obsessed I am with GIFs and “The Mindy Project” on FOX. Well, Buzzfeed combined these into a magical post which could’ve been titled “15 Ways Mindy and Arianne Are The Exact Same Person.”  *single blink* Seriously.

The writing and casting on this show is everything I need because it IS my life. For example: I’m a self-proclaimed comedian whore in this great city of Toronto because funny men are my kryptonite and almost ALL of her love interests are some of Hollywood’s funniest men. Coincidence???!?!?!?!  Yeah, probably but whatever…it speaks to me. It gives me this strange sense of peace knowing this televised phenomenon of a show is being seen by millions and so many can completely relate. WE ARE NOT ALONE and we can laugh about it!

Here are my favourite GIFs from the Buzzfeed post to partially outline why this show means so much to me:

Mindy - Date

Been here.

Done this.

Done this.

Have the goddamn t-shirt.

Have the goddamn t-shirt.

Thank you Buzzfeed  and ART for bringing it to my attention.

P.S. The only reason for the song choice is the obvious “Bollywoodness” of it all and the fact that I think Mindy and I would throw down in an unplanned, choreographed routine on any dance floor that would bring the boys to the yard. Truth.


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