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Single Blink is a whole year old today and I want to thank every last one of you who has given me feedback. 2013 will only be bigger and better. WordPress provided a summary of my year and my favourite part was the following because if you know me, this is the only way I’ll understand those things called “calcumalations”:


Screen Shot 2013-01-07 at 10.47.34 PM

Soda and fashion, y’all! I HAVE THE POWER!!!!!!!!!!

I mentioned I was giving away shoes donated by the lovely Ms. Gail Vaz-Oxlade and the time has come to let you know who I’ve chosen to receive them.


(Here’s her story)

“Since in 2011 I started getting my first big girl paycheques, 2012 was all about getting in control of my debt. I opened my first RRSP, and finally paid off my $34,000 student loan, which had been a monkey on my back for 6 years. I even somehow managed to move out into my own apartment, with no roommates, which is pretty much the best ever. Plus, I was able to get a car, which, since I work in Scarborough and live in the east end of Toronto, saves me hours of commute time each day. So, I did treat myself, but responsibly, and I’m really proud of making all the dollars fit together like that.”

Congratulations, m’lady. You absolutely deserve these – I’m so proud of you for getting sh!t done!

Here’s to 2,013 more single blinks!


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