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It’s Single Blink’s anniversary on January 8th, the first of many more I hope. In celebration, I’ve decided to have a contest. At the same time I began this blog, I also began writing for Ms.Gail Vaz-Oxlade as one of her Other Voices. It was one of the highest of lights during my 2012. I was able to shine a light on my financial difficulties and talk them out, receive feedback from complete strangers going through the same thing and in those six months, I changed my life around for the better.  I bought my first place and finally accumulated some savings. Those savings were to go toward my 31st birthday adventure to Paris but I found myself unemployed from July to November and those savings (and thank goodness I had them), were used for groceries, mortgage and whatever else I needed at the time. I wasn’t able to treat myself to my fantasy birthday abroad, but things are much better now. I’m working (YAY!) and starting from my first pay this year, I’m going to begin building my savings once more so I can get my booty to Paris…PRONTO! In saying this, I’ve decided to have a TREAT YO’ SELF giveaway for SB’s anniversary because everyone deserves a little something special when you aren’t financially able to do it yourself.

I’ve stayed in touch with Gail even though I’m no longer an “other voice” and she tweeted she had some shoes (size 10) she wore on her show and was inquiring how/where she could get rid of them. I jumped on the chance to take them off her hands. You may not realize I have my own wardrobe styling business too, so helping someone add a little fun to wardrobe is my calling! I wear size 11 shoes so I understand the plight of the large-footed woman so I thought this would be a fun way to give these gems away.


If you or someone you know, used 2012 to really do things change your life, take control and you weren’t able to treat yourself, I want to know your or their story!  Shoot me an email (singleblinkblog@gmail.com) outlining what you did for yourself. On January 8th, I will post the three best messages I receive and leave it up to y’all to vote.  The winner will receive two pairs of gently-used size 10 pumps from the dressing room of Ms.Gail Vaz-Oxlade herself.

Anniversary Giveaway

You get BOTH! Yes, both pairs of shoes.

So exciting!!!


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