More Than Words

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#4 – DON’T write you don’t what to write anywhere in your profile.

I swear if I read this on one more profile I will Hulk-Smash a b!tch. This is a continuation of yesterday’s “don’t” in essence… It all comes down to finding out a little bit about you so we can spark a conversation. Again, you don’t have to start off with the day you were born, breaking your mother’s vaginal crest. *single blink* It’s not that serious, ladies and gentlemen. It really isn’t.

A profile should consist of no less than the following (in the written portion):

  • What you’re hoping to find/finds you
  • Details about one or two things that truly interest you

THAT’S IT! Anything else is a bonus. We know how tall you are, your hair colour, YOUR PROFESSION (ahem!), your eye colour, what you’re using the site for (i.e. dating, relationship, intimate encounter, etc.), your age, your sign. We just need to feel like there’s a human behind this profile. Your spelling may not be the best, you’re not the most creative writer in the world…who cares! Just be honest and genuine and don’t make it seem like your profile is an afterthought. If you don’t care enough to put a little effort into writing one, then it’s a bad first impression. You probably won’t put any effort into getting to know me. The people who “don’t know what to write” are the people who instigate conversation with a “hey” or ” ‘sup.”  <– No.  If you were to approach someone in real life and opened with: “I have nothing to say to you so just ask me questions,” how would you react?  Obviously, I’m more blunt than most and I’d literally side-eye and sashay away. Why are you approaching me then, maaaaaaang?!

If your excuse is: “No one reads the profiles, they just look at the photos,” then this entire blog/list wouldn’t exist.

It’s about more than the words, people. Remember that. Just be genuine, be real, be you.

Tell me something I don't already know... It can literally be anything!

Tell me something I don’t already know… It can literally be anything!


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