Copy Paste

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(Did you miss me? ‘Cuz I’ve missed you.)

#7 – DON’T copy and paste the same message to several different profiles.

Here is my problem with this, Blinkers…EVERYTHING. It’s the equivalent of using the same, tired pick-up line in real life in my opinion. And I can tell you this from experience, it’s extremely obvious. And here are a few clear-cut signs that you’ve been copy-pasted:

  1. They’ve reiterated their entire written profile in a private message.
  2. They’ve made no specific reference to anything you’ve said in your profile.
  3. They acknowledge none of your listed interests.
  4. Their message begins with “Hey Julie.”  *single blink*

Copy Paste

You don’t have to write a dissertation nor ask every question you can think of in one message but a little thought goes a long way.  I always read through a profile and choose one thing they’ve said that I can relate to or that I want clarification on. If we have mutual interests listed like vintage cars or bacon, I’ll talk about my pack-a-day habit (that’s a pack of bacon, folks) or my obsession with Speedorama or Chip Foose. “Interests” on Plenty of Fish are different than your written profile, they are hyperlinks you can click on to take you to other people who have listed the same things in their profile. You can also use these “interest” keywords to search the site – I’ve really found it quite useful to get away from the recycled profiles I see most of the time.

See? These tips, tricks and little doses of effort go a helluva long way to personalize a message.  Now, go try it out.


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