Why’d You Lie?

Please press play: 

#8 – DON’T lie.

Ladies and gentlemen, if you lie, we will find out when we meet for that date we scheduled. Remember? Our date we just planned out based on all the alleged honest and genuine things we both said in our profiles. Oh wait… *single blink* What is the point of lying? To attract someone you don’t think would give you the time of day if you told the truth? THEN THEY ARE NOT WORTHY OF YOU SO MOVE ON! These are some hard truths I’m laying down so keep on reading.

Even the smallest white lie will lead to your detriment, especially when it comes to online dating profiles, so why bother? We’re all expecting the truth from the person who’s aroused our interests. If those interests are false and you don’t actually know anything about South African folklore, then what are either of us doing here at this very moment? Well, I can tell you what I’M doing: LEAVING. Speaking from personal experience, I’ve chatted/met men who were a foot shorter than they said, fathers who’ve used pics of their sons, men who were 10 years older OR younger and the list goes on and on. One of the most disheartening trends I’ve discovered online are men of a visible minority selecting “Caucasian” as their ethnicity. The reason they do this is the majority of advanced searches allow you to filter profiles by every option you could imagine (I prefer casting a larger net, but that’s just me and I’m still alone so…like….ANYWAY…). These filters will remove all unselected ethnicities, regardless of what’s showing in your photo. The filter is based on the selections you’ve made about yourself in your profile. You could be blacker than the blackest man’s black cape but your face will still generate in the “Caucasian” results. WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS?!  It doesn’t matter how you slice it, the logic doesn’t exist!  And this lying thing goes both ways, I can only imagine the parallel lines being drawn on the ladies side.

Lying, in general, is not a good look. The majority of people I like to associate with learned this from birth, the others are oxygen thieves and I can’t EVEN with them anymore. CANNOT EVEN! You may read these posts and think: “So why would I ever use an online dating site?” or “This is exactly why I don’t use an online dating site.”  Let me break you off a little bit o’dis: The men I’ve met in real life have lied just as fancily and freely as my online Lotharios about their profession, marital status, fatherhood, prison record and buying me a drink (they didn’t). This is not just an online epidemic!

Breakfast Club - Claire

Friends, can we all just promise we will simply tell the truth? My profile states I’m an “analytical, sarcastic, intelligent, independent insomniac…” FACTS! It’s a wonder why I’m not making a list (of men’s names) and checking it NICE!

Have a great weekend, Blinkers.


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