Please press play: 

#9 – DON’T post photos of celebrities claiming it’s you or photos WITH celebrities and using only their face in your cropped thumbnail.

As I said on Monday, I have a slightly higher pop-culture reference point than the average person. My brain is where Nick at Nite goes to die and I’m happy with this.

I’ve seen photos from obscure to A-list:

  • Max Hodges (resident TMZer)
  • Chris Powell (Personal Trainer)
  • George Stroumboulopoulos (I EFFIN’ WISH!)
  • Will Smith
  • Adrien Brody

Are you Adrien Brody or aren’t you?! 

There’s not much to say here. Don’t do it. I’m the opposite of everything NIKE stands for and I’m okay with that too. Post photos of you and not someone who is not you claiming it’s you. If you look like a celebrity and you feel the need to mention it, it’s your prerogative but don’t use that celebrity’s picture.

DISCLAIMER: On few, and I mean VERY few occasions, I’ve called someone out on their photo and they were actually who they had in their image. We had a good laugh. But by few occasions, I mean two.

The odds will never be in your favour. *single blink*


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