Into The Void

Please press play: 

Guys, I should be happy. Over the moon actually, but for some reason, I’m finding zero solace in this new information about my online dating life. Let me explain (this won’t take long at all).

The majority of messages I’m receiving online are not to get to know me more but to let me know I shouldn’t be on the site because “there’s no way I have trouble dating.”

The majority of non-verbal feedback I’m receiving from IRL fellas is they aren’t interested in me for one reason or another. Like I said, a conversation never occurs because they don’t speak to me on the most part.

*single blink*

So what kind of fresh hell is this? I’m too much for online but not much enough for real-life? Where the hell am I supposed to find the happy medium? *licks tip of pen and begins letters to prison inmates*

Dear Big Daddy…


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