Highway To Hell

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I hope y’all got caught up and if not, I’m sorry you’ll have to endure these Mondays. Just ignore Mondays for the next few weeks but read the other days. Thank you!

Get to know Dave Annable (“Henry”). You’re welcome.

It starts off on Hallowe’en night in 1929, the man who appeared from the smoke is alive and in The Drake. And we find out the little girl who’s been trailing Jane is HIS daughter. What the what?! His name is Peter, he basically made a blanketed threat to his wife saying “In heaven, she’ll be truly happy” and then his left eye started jumpin’ jumpin’ like Destiny’s Child. His wife finds their daughter under the bed and she’s bleeding from above the neck. Sooooooo everyone’s been haunted forever it seems.

Henry’s heroic turn at saving his two-faced boss has landed him in the spotlight. This will obviously be bad for Jane considering the interviewer told all of NY that he’s the most eligible bachelor after Derek Jeter.

Brian is one of the tenants at The Drake. He’s a playwright and he had kissy-kissy times with the girl in the apartment next door (Alexis). She’s been teasing him through the window while he worked and he finally allowed her to kiss him. LORD KNOWS WHY! Now Brian’s wife, who was basically eaten by The Drake’s elevator two episodes ago, is getting her belly rubbed by a doctor in the building and Brian walked in on it.  He was cool but it looked hella suspicious. Lou (his wife) is trying to set the doctor up with the scandalous next door neighbour but I have a feeling things are not what it seems as they NEVER are on this show. Please also note that Lou is becoming a serious drug addict – I almost thought she was going to Whitney in the bathtub.

My crush of Terry O’Quinn knows no bounds, and I really hope he’s the devil in this show. I actually don’t want him to ever get caught with what he’s doing but he just received a text message saying he’s going to pay for everything he’s done. The person who sent him this text tried to take out Olivia (his wife played by Vanessa Williams) with an SUV on the street. Lawd – someone’s got his number literally and figuratively. I don’t know who would try to best the devil, but you must be hella evil to do this.

EEEEEK! Smoke man just got in the elevator with Jane and Henry (she’s dressed like a Tippi Hedren from “The Birds” and Henry’s a sheriff). We’re now getting somewhere because Jane’s necklace she loves so much, was her grandmother’s. It’s the same necklace, the dying mother gave the little girl back in 1929! WHAT IS HAPPENING?!

Also this doorman, Erik, works my last nerve. There’s nothing right about him and Gavin (Terry O’Quinn) is now asking him to stick close to his wife because she’s the most “valuable thing” he owns.

After a spilled drink on her costume, Jane heads back to her place to change into something new. The little girl who’s been haunting her let her know the man got out. The man is Peter Cramer. The same man she met in the elevator. The same man who was in the elevator in 1929. The same man who is behind her with a hatchet!!!!!!!!!! (Only 26 minutes in and I’m losing my mind!)

What the? Olivia took some  party goers to 5F, apparently that’s where this Peter Kramer dude lived and killed his wife. I guess it’s a Hallowe’en tradition, when she turned around she was sprayed in the face by some dude in a mask but I have a sneaky, EFFING suspicion that person was Erik the doorman.

Peter Kramer has Jane in his clutches. She fought him and was able to get out of the apartment at the same time all the power went out in The Drake. She ran into someone in the hallway and borrowed his phone to call the police (I’m also very surprised she didn’t hesitate to do so), but as she made the call, Peter axed the f*ck out of the guy whose phone she borrowed! So yeah…he’s dead and bleeding all out onto the carpets. When did ghosts kill people in their wake?! Don’t they have a focus and only go after them? These rules have all gone to hell.  Now we have the temptress Alexis still at the party with Brian (and she stole the doctor’s phone for some reason – maybe for blackmail???), Olivia’s been gassed and knocked out, Lou and the doctor are stuck in the elevator because of the power outage, Henry is being harassed by a PR gal who has been stalking him since his appearance on TV and Jane is running away from a ghost with an hatchet.  Who knows what happened to the poor asian woman Olivia told to go into 5F but she is not my concern!!!

This crazy man is calling Gavin saying he has his wife but let me tell you, it sounds EXACTLY like Erik but Erik walked up to him while he was on the phone. Could it be a recorded message? And now we know why Alexis stole the doctor’s phone, she just sent a text to Louise’s phone saying “MEET UPSTAIRS. WANT U NOW.” So the temptress sent Brian upstairs (he took the stairs obviously, right) and now he’s going to find her phone and see the message. B!tch!

I have no idea how Jane got into the bellies of this hotel and why these are the places she felt to run but here we are. The ghost, still fully acting like an alive human, is chasing her and opening doors and holding hatchets. He manifested out of smoke, you’re telling me he can’t pass through a damn wall? Something is not right about this. I mean, other than the fact that we’re talking about devil incarnates, ghosts and demons mixed with modern day life.

So somehow Erik has been strangled and Gavin found him in time to save him but the mask is in Gavin’s safe. I just said this two lines ago but SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT, GUYS?! Erik is this masked man and somehow he’s supernatural and is able to be in two places at once. I’m sure of this! Only 15 minutes left and I know I’m going to be screaming like a banshee when I’m left with more questions!

Back from commercial and Gavin finds Olivia on their balcony, she awakes after a forehead kiss. Oh Terry O’Quinn, you sly devil (I love you.) Olivia doesn’t remember anything, obviously.  We’re back in the elevator with Lou and the doctor, he discovered she’s hooked on drugs as they have a sit down. The doctor tried to kiss her!!!!!!  She pushed him away though and was said she loves her husband but Brian is going to head back down to the party and take his cue from the text message he saw and he’s going to full-out, full-on sleep with Alexis. This was ALWAYS her plan. AAAAAAAAAAH!

Okay, Peter Kramer has found Jane and his eye is still jumping. He hatchets the wall and birds fly out of the hole and attack him. This happened to Jane in the second episode! Why is his eye vibrating always? It’s one of the grossest effects I’ve seen on network television. Yuck.

Jane is with the police now giving her statement and she can’t give a description since she’d be describing a ghost. Lou and the doctor exit the elevator now that the power is back up and Brian decks the doctor and storms off, Alexis’ plan is working perfectly. Gavin is talking to his wife’s kidnapper and convincing him to return the box that was stolen from his safe. I’m assuming whatever was stolen has to do with his power. The hotel swallowed all of the evidence – the hatchet and the dead body. I don’t even understand what is going to happen from here but everyone’s lives are messed. Mark my words, every last person is about to have a bigger problem.

Phew! That was a good one. Back to our regularly scheduled program tomorrow.


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