(Why) Don’t You Want Me

Please press play: 

Oh, that’s right. Because I want kids someday. SMH. Read on…


“You are awesome. I am forty – that’s nearly a decade (oh god) older than you (which is obviously no problem for me – in fact, it is quite spectacular but on your end a decade) and I don’t want kids so no fit. But you caught my eye. Then, of course, checked you out and you are just awesome. Every funky detail.Not only did I want to meet you but I actually felt a jolt of joy in seeing the joy you possess in your photos and I like everything about your profile so I thought I would drop you a line anyway. Not to flirt (but I imagine you must be great at flirting and bantering) but just to tell you – well, as I said, you come across like awesome sauce. 

Per your profile – a roadtrip with a purpose is a trip to go see your parents. All roadtrips should be just because. hell, everything shoud be. 

Love the skynyrd vest.

Anyway awesome sauce (that’s your new name), never stop smiling (even at funerals – it’s that good of a smile), never wear long skirts – even in winter (it would be wrong with those legs), and don’t ever lose that joy that radiates from you. 
Good luck.”

While I completely agree I would not be suitable for someone who doesn’t see children in his future…COME ON!!! Imagine, me…little ol’ date-and-love-challenged me, receiving this message from a boy without the “no kids” part. Whatta concept!!! Can’t I just have that? This dude is handsome, can string a sentence together and can see the “joy that radiates from” me. Yeah, yeah, yeah, it’s his loss. I got it.

I’m over it.

*single blink*

**IMPORTANT REMINDER**Tomorrow, I’ll be attending 25Dates.com’s RED, HOT & BLUE charity speed-dating event. The official hashtag is #RedHotBlue and you can follow me on Twitter (@bettykiss) ‘cuz I’ll be tweeting the whole thing!


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