The Reflex

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Friends, we’re going hardcore. I have some questions for you.

Wikipedia defines fellatio as an act of oral stimulation of a male’s penis by a sexual partner. It’s just us…so let’s talk about sex, baby. Let’s talk about the fine art of fellatio. Do you do this? Do you like it? Do you…hate it? I am the last to say it ain’t hard work but how does every straight woman/gay male NOT enjoy this?

I’m shocked at the amount of peeps who say they either don’t do it or they do but they hate it. I want to slap them twice in the face for being so nuts. I mean, you have to seriously be at nut capacity if you’re willing to bypass having more in your life (and mouth). Do you have a weak gag reflex? Is that it?

Obviously this is too much information (do you expect less from me?) but I HEEEEEEEEELLA love it. I absolutely love it. Maybe it’s because I don’t have a G.R. I know a lot of it is a power trip; knowing that whatever it is that I’m doing is making him make those sounds. Get guttural, man!!!  Basically, if I can make a man convulse I will literally stop and pat myself on the back before I call any emergency services to help him out. Real talk. I deserve my own dyam* props.

Okay, when you’re with someone for the first time you don’t know what his situation is: what did he eat today? Asparagus? Cabbage?  Does he smoke? Should I have offered him a pineapple juice before we got bizzay ‘cuz I’m not about no jizz saltines. *single blink*

OH YEAH! That brings me to another thing: spit or swallow? Why do you spit? It’s already in there. I think it would make me more sick to have to spit it out again. That would activate so many involuntary gags. EWWWWW!  And then where to spit it? On him? In your hand? Run to the bathroom like a bat out of hell? I mean, if a man goes down on you (this one’s for the ladies) and the second you’ve climaxed he jumps up and you hear him gargling in the bathroom, wouldn’t you feel ways? I would!

This post is full of questions but I’m SURRIOUSLY curious. I just thought in these hard times of so much negativity and devastation, we could all find solace in sucking some peen. So tell me folks, to blow or not to blow – that is my question!

*Dyam is the patois version of “Damn.”


6 responses

  1. YES! I’m totally on team swallow. I don’t understand why not. Unless you’re totally squicked out by it, and then he squirts on your chest/face/ceiling, but then you still have the unromantic tissue grab-wipe off. Why not just swallow, the evidence is gone, and you can move on?

    • My thoughts exactly! Everyone has a different order of doing things but I’m assuming the BJ is the start-up to the night in the majority of situations. No fuss, no muss and you continue on with your fun times night.

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