I Love A Man In Uniform

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I’m very excited to announce I’ll be covering 25Dates.com‘s RED, HOT & BLUE charity speed-dating event on Thursday, October 25th. Let me break down what makes this speed-dating event a little more special: other than this being a fundraising event for an amazing charity, these 20 lucky ladies will be going on 20 mini-dates with…wait for it….WAIT FOR IT…..TORONTO FIREFIGHTERS AND POLICE OFFICERS!!! Oh yes, 20 dates with 20 men trained to protect…and serve. Unfortunately, it’s against union rules for the gents to be in uniform but the union doesn’t rule my mindgrapes, do they? This is such a step up from 911 Wednesdays at Crocodile Rock and do not pretend like you don’t know what I’m talking about. *single blink* 

The proceeds from the event are going to The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) in Toronto. “We’re always looking to give back to charities that would be complimented by one of our events,” says Ragna Stamm’ler, the Founder and President of 25Dates.com. She also says after having her own child, she feels for children and the parents of sick children more than ever. This is the fourth fundraiser of its kind and judging from previous events, women can expect a fun night with a lot of good chemistry.

I am a veteran of speed-dating, obviously, and have been to several 25Dates.com events so let me explain how a typical night will play out:

All participants are given match cards at the beginning and they have THREE MINUTES to ask their best questions and discover as much as they can about each other in the allotted time. At the three minute mark, a bell will sound, each person will secretly write a “yes” or a “no” on the match card and the men will move to the next table while the women stay where they are. At the end of the night, the match cards are collected and the results are emailed to each participant two days later. After that, it’s up to the individuals to connect with their matches (if any) and take the next steps. Easy, breezy, dating-speedzy. It’s really surprisingly harmless and if you go in with a good attitude and no expectation, you cannot have a bad night.

If your dating life is anything like mine then you’re tired of the online dating scene. You also don’t have it in you, physically or financially, to “put yourself out there” every night of the week. Maybe this is a great option for you. You can meet several men in one night, which means one shower, one makeup application and one stellar outfit! And no other speed-dating service offers the same deal as 25Dates.com; if you don’t make a match at your event, you can sign up for a future event absolutely free! So I take your side-eye and I dash it in the garbage like that gross ball of hardened lotion that always appears on the tip of the nozzle and has no purpose in life. Where’s the risk? Oh, and did I mention that Ragna met her husband at a 25Dates.com event? I implore you to read her story – it simply proves you can find love in unexpected places and ways IF you’re open to it.

While I don’t get to participate in this sold-out event (the world would damn near end if that happened), I will get to be a fly on the wall and report back to you on all the fun goings-ons of the night! And you best believe my outfit will be turnt up, I might get some firefighter leftovers.


RED, HOT & BLUE takes place Thurs. Oct. 25th at Fionn MacCool’s. My one week countdown begins today. Stay tuned to my tweets (@Bettykiss) over the next week and I’ll let you know the official hashtag for the night and you can follow my play-by-play at the event.


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