Hot Boys…

Please press play: 

Baby YOU GOT what I want. (Please note: I want to laugh.) To round out my JFL42 withdrawals – here is a mere sampling of the HOTTEST of hilarious men in Toronto. Check it!


Andrew Johnston, Creator & Host of Bitch Salad (Photo by Sylvia Pereira, styled by me.)

Andrew is no stranger to the stage and screen – if you haven’t seen him perform, just go. He is the creator & host of Bitch Salad, a familiar face on MuchMusic’s Video on Trial and he will ruin/enhance your life with Photoshop if you’re lucky enough.

More importantly, Mr. Johnston has a very special place in my heart. He is the sole reason why I’m a stylist today. Most people don’t know this, but without him writing me (a stranger at the time) a simple Facebook private message, I don’t know if I’d be doing what I’m doing. It’s been three years since that fateful message and he’s given me the opportunity to dress the funniest and most talented performers this city has to offer and most importantly, he’s become one of my closest and most cherished friends in the world. (Y’all know how I feel about talking on the phone; Andrew and I had to speak, AT LENGTH, after the passing of one Ms. Whitney Houston. This is true blue love.)

You can catch Andrew on Video On Trial and please follow him on Twitter: @_andrewjohnston


Darrin Rose, Comedian & Host of Match Game

You may recognize Darrin as Bill from Mr. D or as a regular cast member on MuchMusic’s Video on Trial. He’s also a four-time Canadian Comedy Award nominee AND has taken his stand-up act to comedy clubs everywhere. You can now add his brand-new gig as host of The Comedy Network’s Match Game, along with regulars, Debra DiGiovanni & Sean Cullen, to his resume. He COULD be Jamaican with all of these jobs.

Follow Darrin on Twitter: @darrinrose and don’t forget to tune in for the premiere of Match Game on Monday, Oct. 15th at 8PM. You won’t even have to leave your home for your eyes to thank you on a regular basis!


Marshall Lorenzo, Comedian & Long Form genius

I first set eyes on this delightful creature during an It’s $5 stand-up night hosted by Heidi Brander. Was his accent real? Was this all a part of his schtick? Could I trust him? I left that evening with no answers, just a full heart. Cut to this summer at the Second City Training Center: I’m a student watching the new Long Form improv groups and Marshall takes the stage.  *single blink*  I cannot explain how witty, how sharp, how creative, this gentleman is. (AND HE STILL HAD THE ACCENT!) Please, please, please find him on a stage near you (his next Long Form show is on Thursday, Oct. 18th in the John Candy Box Theatre at the Second City Training Center. And it’s FREE!) and follow Marshall on Twitter for some good chuckles & upcoming show announcements: @extrafirmhold


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