Foxy Ladies!

Please press play: 

Guys & gals, the hotness will never end. Here are a few of the foxiest & funniest ladies who need to be on your radar:


Photo by Sylvia Pereira, Styling by me!

Desiree is a pint-sized comedy powerhouse. She’s part of the The Boom, a Toronto based sketch comedy troupe that does a show at The Drake Hotel on the first Thursday of the month. Catch Desiree TONIGHT at The Drake Hotel for the Halloween Edition of the The Boom Show – starts at 8PM and follow her on Twitter: @DesireeLavoy


Photo by Sylvia Pereira, Styling by me!

Laura is one of the sexiest & raunchiest funny ladies out there. She got her start in comedy as a sketch comedian in the Canadian Comedy Award winning sketch troupe The Sketchersons, and is the winner of The Tim Sims Encouragement fund and Cream Of Comedy award with her sketch duo 7 Minutes In Heaven. Laura also dabbles in stand up comedy, with a motto she lives by which is “If something is too embarrassing to say to someone one on one, then it’s perfect to tell on stage to a room full of people”. She currently makes a living eating food on camera as a commercial actor, is all over Much Music as a juror on Video On Trial, and continues to work as a comedic actress and writer on stage and television. When Laura isn’t acting, she is busy eating things covered in cheese followed by anything made out of chocolate. Laura is so excited to be a part of the Match Game panel, mostly because she gets to play the game with comedians she’s always looked up to. Match Game premieres on The Comedy Network Monday, Oct. 15th! Don’t forget to follow Ms. Laura on Twitter to find out about her upcoming shows: @lauracilevitz


Photo by Sylvia Pereira, Styling by me (clothing provided by Tabula Rasa)!

Julia Hladkowicz is THE #1 stunna – look at her! Beyond luxe, right??? I’ve seen her do her thing several times at Bitch Salad and she unleashes on the audience.  Your hate on her beauty will fade immediately because she’s so EFFING hilarious; you HAVE to love her. While she doesn’t have any local gigs (unfortunate, TRUST ME), but to anyone out west, please catch her at Yuk Yuk’s between October 18-28. And don’t forget to follow her on Twitter: @juliacomedy


Photo by Shawn McPherson

Rhiannon Archer is a raven-haired beauty who delivers hilarious punchlines. Here’s a lil excerpt from her bio: Rhiannon has appeared in many of the hugely successful Nerdgasm shows, has been featured in the very popular Bitch Salad shows, performed both stand up and sketch with the popular Toronto sketch troupe The Boom and The Kids in the Hall’s Scott Thompson. She is a part of the comedy collective StandUp For Your Sisters, performed in the 2010 Brantford Comedy Festival, opened for Maria Bamford, and Todd Glass, just to name a few and was nominated for a Canadian Comedy Award for Best Newcomer and competed in the Seattle International Comedy Competition. Check her out at the Comedy Bar this Friday, Oct. 5th for Picture This! Toronto Edition! And follow Rhiannon on Twitter: @RhiannonArcher


Photo by Sylvia Pereira, Styling by me!

Rebecca Kohler is one of the nicest and funniest ladies I’ve ever had the privilege of styling and watching on stage. Honestly, look how cute she is!!! Oh yeah, and last week, she happened to be on a show at the Comedy Bar when Louis C.K. dropped by to close the night. NO BIG EFFING DEAL!!! Catch Rebecca at the East End Comedy Review, THIS Saturday, Oct. 6th at 8:30PM and follow her on Twitter: @becca_kohler


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