Please press play: 

JUST RECEIVED (obviously back online again):

“Hey baby girl i’ve got an unusal request it definitly intels getting to know you and i hope you are interessted but i am locked up right now, I may be out in a couple months, i’ve been in for 17 months and i don’t have a computer i have someone messaging over the phone for me but i would like to get to know you a little more directly so if you have a PObox number and feel like writing i will write to you or a land line that i can call you collect on after 6.”

He’s fine though. *single blink* Just saying…


5 responses

  1. Oh ya, this one sounds like a real winner. Bad enough he’s using online dating sites to find a prison pen pal; I can’t believe he has the stones to ask you to allow him to call you collect. -_________-

    Tell him fi gweh & suck it sideways lol.

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