Make ‘Em Laugh!

Please press play: 

With the conclusion of JFL42 behind me, I feel incomplete. The last two weeks were THE best because comedy was at the ultimate forefront of  my mind. I. Love. To. Laugh. I like to laugh loudly until it hurts. I like to make people laugh (hence this blog). I feel I need to give back to the community so this week will be strictly based around comedy in our fair city of Toronto, because trust me…there are goodies you don’t EVEN know about.

I will let you in on all my funny people crushes in this city – some I know, some I don’t…so this will get REAL weird if it gets back to them. But I regret nothing! *single blink* I will tell you what they do, where they perform, maybe even post a photo or 12! I will do the stalking for you so you don’t have to be uncomfortable at all.

How does ALL O’DIS relate to this blog? Well, for me, there’s nothing more attractive than someone’s ability to make me laugh. I will instantly fall for you/want to be your BFF if you can do this.  So I hope you enjoy what’s about to come this week and maybe I’ll see you at a show, where we will swoon and drool in solidarity.

“Hey Girl…laughter is the music of the soul, so let’s harmonize.” BOOM!



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