Louis, Louis!

Please press play: 

My date with Louis C.K. is finally here. Tonight. 10:30pm. Sure, I’ll have to share him with a room full of people but I know we’ll share a connection so strong. So…special that it won’t even matter.

Look at us…with matching brick wall backgrounds. DESTINY!

I don’t know what to wear. I’m super nervous. But I know once we’re both in the same room together, he’ll put me right at ease. I’ve been waiting many years for this moment and I’m so happy to have a matchmaker like JFL42 on my side.

Guys…tonight is gonna be magical.

(As I told a friend earlier this week, I think I’m becoming the “Comedy Lolita.” I have a type and I’m not strong enough to walk away. Comedians. COMEDIANS. I fall for ’em fast and I fall for ’em hard. I think they will be the end of me. Stop being so EFFING funny. And cute. And weird. *single blink*)


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