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Today is my first day on the job at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival (@TIFF_NET) and the moment this is posted will mark the exact hour I begin! For the next 10 days, I’ll be assisting Fortissimo Films with all things TIFF.  I don’t think I’ve looked forward to a job more than this one. What to expect: I’ll be a gopher. I’ll be a secretary. I’ll be a greeter. I’ll be the first and last person you see. I’ll be the best support I can be in an environment I’ve ALWAYS wanted to be in. I can only imagine what this means for me next year – let’s go through my TIFF succession, shall we?

1981 – 2009: *single blinks & tumbleweed*

2010: Randomly put on a list to get into the Absolut Vodka party where I met ScratchShad (pee-my-panty-dem moments), where Anthony Farnell made Theresa & I drinks and just all sorts of fun took place.

Me & DJ Starting From Scratch – TIFF 2010 (about to burst into flames)

Me & Shad – TIFF 2010 (wet my pants)

Me & Anthony Farnell – TIFF 2010

2011: I scored tickets to the only flick I wanted to see, “Butter,” and I sat in the left parterre. Oh! You don’t know about the left parterre? ASK SOMEBODY!!! (Thanks Santiago!)

Me, all up in the left parterre – TIFF 2011 (“Butter” screening)

2012: Working for the production company behind “Marley” (which I won tickets to through 1 LOVE T.O. (@1LOVE TO) this summer). Coincidence???!


Things seem to be unraveling in all the right ways and making sense as I push through life. I hope to have some great stories for you over the next couple of weeks.

See you at the movies!


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