Sour Girl

Please press play: 

A brief glimpse of my dating life since 1999 (only the most pertinent are listed):

  1. Quest (phone)
  2. Lavalife (phone)
  3. Lavalife (online)
  5. Yahoo personals (online)
  6. (online)
  7. Plenty Of Fish (online)
  8. eHarmony (online)
  9. Interracial Dating (online)
  10. Uniform Dating (online)
  11. Eligon (online)
  12. OK Cupid (online)
  13. eVow (online)
  14. 25 Dates (speed dating)
  15. Meet Market Adventure (singles events)
  16. Lifemates (matchmaker)
  17. Venus and Mars Matchmaking (matchmaker)
  18. It’s Just Lunch (matchmaker)
  19. Single In The City (singles events)
  20. Bars, clubs, work, car conventions, school, fake proms, concerts, solo walks, ice cream parlours, other f*cking countries!!!

*single blink*

THERE HAS TO BE A BETTER WAY TO END UP UNDER THE RIGHT PERSON’S NOSE. Mark it on your calendars, friends. As of today, Monday, August 27, 2012…I. Am. Done. This is not because I believe the “stop looking and it will happen” sh!t the world of people in relationships like to spew to those of us who aren’t. It’s because I actually don’t care anymore. I have toys, batteries and a libido that cannot be tamed. In four years, I’ll have saved up enough money to the buy the seeds I need to give me my family so eff it. Eff it all.

Today’s post brought to you by: FRANKLY, I DON’T GIVE AN ACTUAL DAMN.

My sunny disposition MAY return tomorrow but don’t hold me to that.


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