He Will Give Me A Taste I Will Feel In My Cheeks

Please press play: 

From a 19 year old suitor on OK Cupid:

“Just wanted to say I find you very attractive. If I got to know you, I would invite you over for a romantic dinner and as soon as you arrived, I would pull you close and whisper in your ear “I have a swanson tv dinner in the freezer with your name on it” and then I would proceed to fill a wine glass with welch’s grape juice.”

I only have one thing to say to this: SOMEONE’S BEEN READING MY DIARY!!! Let’s do this thing!  I mean, ahem… *single blink*


3 responses

  1. Hmmmm, he must be related to the guy who offered to take my virginity on some newspaper spread out on the floor of one of our high school washrooms…reeeeeeaaaalllly though?!?! *eyes rolling*

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