I Wanna Know…

Please press play: 

Dear Men of Toronto,

WHERE DO YOU GO?!?!?!?!?!


Every girl who’s dated a boy and they’ve vanished without a trace/message/alert

*single blink*


6 responses

  1. Ha ha… Sorry you had this experience. It’s now become the default situation in my life. I’m actually shocked when they do follow up 😉 Take care of yourself!

    • “Experience” as in singular. This is a regular thang. I’m also surprised when there’s a follow-up. Hence the open letter. You take care of yourself too!!! It gets better (so they say).

    • I told you I don’t trust you to interact with them because they will talk Jedi mind-trick you.

      I am not a bad girl, these guys are seemingly decent dudes…just telling someone, “This isn’t going to work” is suitable for MOST of the population.

      Your situations are effed!

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