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We all know how much I love cartoons, right? Like, I would make sweet, animated love to a toon if it were possible (we’ve all seen “Cool World,” we know what could be.)  *single blink* I’m unashamed to share my voice crushes with you. My full-blown obsession with these three talented men who provide a little something special to the shows I love is unparalleled. Come with me and let me introduce you!

H. JON BENJAMIN: (Actor/Writer/Comedian):

I think every write-up I’ve found mentions Benjamin’s perfect comedic timing and it’s what sets him apart from many other voice actors out there. His dry sense of humour wets my female willie every time I tune into my favourites: FOX’s “Bob’s Burgers” and F/X’s “Archer.” Benjamin voices the main character of both. You would think hearing the same voice in two shows about completely different groups of people would get tired. IT DOES NOT!  His voice is so many levels of sexy that I can’t be bothered to say anymore. H. Jon Benjamin. Get on it. Him. This.

H. Jon Benjamin


Warburton is probably known mostly for his role as Elaine’s boyfriend, David Puddy, on “Seinfeld” and more recently as Jeff Bingham on ABC’s “Rules of Engagement.” Buuuuuuuuut he’s been the voice of MANY animated characters over the years.  Some of my faves: Kronk on Disney’s “The Emperor’s New Groove,” Brock Samson on “The Venture Bros,.” Joe Swanson on “The Family Guy,” and the list goes on.  BEWARE OF IMITATION: you MAY think you’re swooning over Warburton’s voice but be aware you could be falling victim to the sneaky ways of Canadian voice actor, Ron Pardo. Tread carefully and protect yourself. I’m trained and can only provide these safety tips. I know the crushing disappointment of finding out the voice is not who you thought it was and I don’t wan this to happen to you.

Patrick Warburton

SETH MACFARLANE: (Actor/Animator/Comedian/Singer/Director/Producer, Creator of “The Family Guy”)

*cue Vanessa Williams’ “Save The Best For Last”*

I. Am SO in love. With. Seth Woodbury MacFarlane. You don’t even know! If I had money to literally burn, I would do nothing but ask him to read things to me on the phone.  He voices Peter, Stewie and Brian Griffin on “The Family Guy,” Stan Smith and Roger on “American Dad” and most recently, Ted, in the movie of the same name. He has voiced countless others. But let’s talk about what you don’t know:

  • He’s BFF’s with Rob Lowe.
  • He has one of my favourite singing voices…in da world! (pounds chest with one fist like Celine).
  • He is an AVID supporter of gay rights and equality.
  • He’s my present day Dean Martin & Gene Kelly rolled into one delightful, rosy-cheeked bundle of a man.

It is on my bucket list to meet him and trust…I’ll make it this happen. I love him for his creativity, humour, no-nonsense approach toward controversial subjects that force discussion and that beautiful, golden voice.


Honourable mentions: Peter Cullen (Optimus Prime) and the late Phil Hartman (EVERYTHING THAT’S EVER BEEN GOOD!)


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