Cover Girl

Please press play: 

Time for an online profile change….for the better.  I need to go back to taking my own profile a little more seriously. Yes…I will still get ridiculous messages, but the more ridiculous my profile is the least likely I am to get ANYTHING remotely close to normal.

I’ve enlisted the help of a very special photographer in my life (Sylvia Pereira) to take some new photos of me for my website: Bettykiss Style Inc. But I think I may steal 4 or 5 decent shots that were not used and post them on my profile. There is nothing like using pictures that no longer look like the current you. I know I get cheesed OFF when I’m chatting to someone who says,”But just so you know, that was years ago.” Then post one from this year, Trick Daddy!  Or they say, “I don’t have facial hair anymore.”  Then shave and snap away, playa!  I have to practice what I preach so I’m hiding my online profiles until I have updated photos to bring all the boys to the yard.

So ladies and gentlemen – when I have my photo selections, I will give you a sneak peek of the new and improved profile. WHO KNOWS…maybe someone unexpected will rear his super-fly head… *single blink*  Maybe.

My body is READY for its close-up.


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