FINALLY, It’s Happened To Me

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Friends, it has been a LOOOOOOOOOOOONG time coming, but I will be seeing the Childish Gambino himself (a.k.a. Donald Glover) tomorrow, Tuesday, July 31st, at Echo Beach. While my campaign to meet him flopped, I did have a great back and forth with Donald’s rep. Unfortunately, I will not meet him tomorrow but the fact I was able to get through to anyone in his “camp” is a great achievement in my Single Blink books.

Ludwig Göransson and Donald Glover (Childish Gambino)

I’ve been going easy on the posts the last few weeks but get ready for me to setback to the goods this week: SEX! BOYS! BAMPSIES! BOYS! FAILURES! DATES! BOYS! *single blink*

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Silence Is Golden

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On this episode of “WTF Plenty Of Fish Messages,” I present this:

“Hun, nice legs, is pick too xoxo want to chat.I love big thing’ too!”

 *single blink* WHAT DO I EVEN SAY TO THIS? Oh, I know….

Tomorrow Starts Today

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My best friend is more than my friend or my right arm – she’s my other set of lungs. When I stop breathing, she swoops in to breathe for me while I collect myself and get back into working order.  She probably wants me to find someone to spend my life with more than I do and this is not an exaggeration.  She doesn’t understand my dating life, but who does? Obviously I don’t, hence this blog.

My idea of a successful first date and hers totally differ.

MINEHe had all his teeth. He looked very similar to his online profile. He knows what “Futurama” is.

HERSWhen did he schedule your second date?

My answer to her question is always: “Um…? Well, we didn’t really agree on any predetermined time to meet up again but we discussed Richie Havens therefore we’re meant to be.”  By the time I get to the “but” her eyes have rolled out of the sockets and collecting dust on the open road. I don’t even know why I attempt to answer her, because she’s right. She’s younger than me chronologically but has always been the “older” best friend.  One thing she’s told me has stuck with me through the years and that’s ALWAYS have new batteries on hand in case your vibrator dies.  But advice in regards to this current subject – she’s always told me that I will know someone is worthy when they set a date for our next date during the current date.

I didn’t realize the gravity of how true this is until very recently. Ladies, if you don’t have a clear notion of when you’ll see the dude you’re on a date with next, then please trust, that your current date will be your last time. Men who are interested leave absolutely ZERO guess work in their intentions…or maybe it’s just me. *single blink*

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Speed Demon

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Am I wrong or did it feel like this message when from 0 to 60 within a sentence or two?

Hi sweetie, how are you doing? I just came across your profile that kinda piqued my interest so i decided to wait a couple minute 
to drop you a few lines that indeed express the genuine interest and admiration i have for you. In short, i’d say i’ve got a big crush 
on you. Your incredibly amazing smile is so majical and uplifting. Hmmm can i say i have found my angel? I’d really want to know 
you beyond your outward beauty. Anyway, you are sweet. I’ll be expecting to hear from you soon.

*single blink*

Maybe I’m Amazed

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I have so many AMAZING POF messages sitting in my inbox, that I think I’m just going to take this week to fill you in on my online loves. Tell me what your face do when you read these this week:

“Hi how are you doing I hope everything is ok on your I will like for to have a word some if that is ok with hope to hear from you at your soonest of time thanks for taking the time out to read my msg”

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Sweet Like A Chicka-Cherry Cola

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We ALL love the messages I get on the Plenty Of Fish, don’t we?

Here’s the latest and we’ll wed in the Spring:

Hey good night miss Qt your such a qt!!. i would like to know if i could get to know 
you. i think you look very irresistible sweet, down earth, i also like your cocola 
bottle shape an those cherry lips. lol… hi back with a note or if you got bbm here is 
my pin 2****** or F****** I ALSO GOT FB”

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Trapped In The Closet


About The Cheeto Girls

Put down those Fritos, drop the Doritos, open our bag & say cheese.
Back in 2002, in the wake of her devastating breakup with Justin Timberlake, a clinically depressed Britney Spears battled a brutal addiction to crushed amphetamines mixed with white cheddar popcorn seasoning, sprinkled on top of vodka-soaked Cheeto Crunchits. One fateful night, following the Toronto premiere of her movie Crossroads, an inebriated Spears was coerced into having a three-way with Weird Al Yankovic and Chester Cheetah. Nine months later, Britney gave birth to triplet daughters. Neither Mr. Yankovic nor Mr. Cheetah would submit to a paternity test, and on the advice of her handlers Spears made the heartbreaking decision to put the girls up for adoption. They were never seen again. 
Until now. 
Mixing saucy dance moves with sassy lyrics (not to mention outfits that put the “attire” in satire), The Cheeto Girls have a varitable cheese platter of Kraft Singles that parody everyone from their mother (Britney Jean Spears) to Beyoncé, Lady Gaga and the Pussycat Dolls! To book a Cheeto Girls performance, email!
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