Only The Lonely

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The WORST thing a gal can do when she’s feeling lonely is Sherlock Holmes her way through Facebook or alternatively, her li’l black book. Speaking as your friend, your amazingly close friend who knows all, do not ever contact someone from your past who you stopped talking to for very specific and honest reasons (You. Hate. Them.) because you feel like you need a little attention from the opposite sex.  Yes, they provided that for you. Yes, you know they will chomp at the bit to throw all their affections your way again. BUT IT’S A TRAP.

Ladies, why do we do this? I’m the first to admit I’m guilty of the “Ego-Stroke Reach Out Text.” I am guiltier than Oprah’s black hand caught in the cookie jar back in 1988. *single blink* I’ve felt the need for a little attention when I haven’t made eye contact with the opposite sex in weeks. Any psychic within close proximity would say, “The libido is strong in this one” and point her gnarled finger directly at the center of my chest (where my black heart lives). BUT………’s not worth it, friends. It is not worth it.

The second you open those floodgates you will wish for all the sandbags from the Sahara to dry up your tears because you will regret everything.


Preventative measures for my own good.


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2 responses

  1. Whenever I get the urge to text/call/FB message/tweet/email an ex for whatever reason I remember that episode of Sex and the City when Samantha tries to get ‘revenge’ on that guy who broke her heart… then she sleeps with him and he disses her AGAIN. The idea of that makes my vagina stop whining and pick up a book. Well, my fingers pick up the book, not my vagina (I swear).

    • Hahahaha hilarious! I’ll try that one. On the other hand, I just have to think about the person I’m texting and that pretty much parches betwixt my thighs juuuuuuust fine.

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