My Heartbeat…My Heartbeat…

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You may not know that I’m not complaining about my single life and blinking my way through it 24/7.  No, no. I’m also a stylist (Bettykiss Style Inc. – BE WARNED: music will begin as soon as you check out my site so volume should be turned down) and I’ve been working on a collection for the last little while.  ALL of that hard work has paid off like you would NOT believe and the show is tonight.

It’s called VESSEL and it’s an homage to the human heart. The creative masterminds behind this are Breeyn McCarney (designer, genius, maker of great punch) & Irena Komadinic (artist, painter, entirely too humble).  They have put together a collection that will simultaneously stop, then revive you so you don’t miss another second.

Liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiike, look at this photo below – YOU CANNOT MISS TUNING INTO THIS SHOW!

Model, Nicole Creed (Sutherland), in a piece from the VESSEL Collection by Breeyn McCarney & Irena Komadinic. Photo: Sylvia Pereira

Connect to the live feed and share the link at 8PM EST tonight to watch the show:

This opportunity has been the biggest of my life and I’m SO proud I was asked to join this team. If you do tune in, you can join the conversation via Twitter by hashtagging #vessel12 in every tweet.

WHAT: VESSEL: A collection by Breeyn McCarney & Irena Komdinic
WHEN: TODAY (Tuesday, May 29, 2012)

I’d like thank ALL of the  volunteers and sponsors with a special shoutout to: Shavonne, Jono, Marcus, Sylvia, Carrie, Kristian, Pamela, Katie Marie, Brittany, Natalie #1, Natalie #2, Steve, Chanel, Iftin, Dawn & Bryanna.

No single blinks today, y’all…my eyes are wide open and fully focused.

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