Body Language

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Today I’d like to salute one of my favourite parts of a man: THE FOREARM. I’ve had many discussions on this topic which normally conclude with me fainting from ‘the vapours,’ but I’m typing and can take as many breaks as I require.

The forearm, GODDAMN! This feature on a man ends my life. I’m not attracted to a Popeye arm nor does Gollum put my panties in a twist…there is a place on middle Earth where these bearers of the ultimate forearms reside. This could be why I love the looks of a blue-collared gent. Their lives of manual labour have toned their appendages to a level approved by me and my loins.

May the corded muscles responsible for your unspoken power be covered with the supplest of skin and lightest sprinkling of hairs.


**Honourable mentions to the entire Toronto Blue Jays team but ESPECIALLY Lawrie, Rasmus, Bautista, Thames, Arencibia, Johnson, Escobar, Romero & Mathis. Daaaaaaaaaaamn.


2 responses

  1. i think that the gos is so sexy but i think his arms are too short for his body. (they are beautiful, just odd on his frame).

    there, i said it.

    • DISAGREEMENT. (But then I tweeted you about this…haha).

      AND ANOTHER THING…the length of his arms have zero to do with the shape of his forearms. They look like dinner meats the Flintstone’s would have at Stonesgiving or something. Mmmmm

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