Dreams Be Dreams

Please press play: 

As a single woman with an addiction to the look/smell/sound of men… *single blink*  ALL I have are my fantasies. I’m not going to run around this city sleeping with every Tom’s dick named ‘Harry’ (is that not how the saying goes?!). I’m just going to get lost in my own mindgrapes and go. to. tizz-own.

I would admonish myself for this in the past. I thought I was SO pathetic because my romantic life wasn’t really anything to be proud of. Actually, my romantic life was non-existent. But why deny myself when daydreaming is free! It doesn’t hurt anyone and if you get so caught up in your own fantasies, that’s on you.  I say enjoy them.

I’ll plan my perfect dates with celebrities I’ll never meet. I will create an entire scenario of how I met my future husband who happens to be that beautiful guy heading the same way as me on the streetcar. I will take that dude’s crooked smile, not necessarily toward me, and up the ante in my head that he totally wanted me and list all the possible reasons why.

As long as you recognize them for what they are, there is no harm and most definitely, no foul. For me it’s a much-needed reprieve from the crippling loneliness that sneaks in like a ninja from time to time.  So let your dreams be dreams, friends.


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