I Hate You So Much Right Now!

Please press play: 

I have this problem. I can’t allow certain actors to play other roles in their life, or live their real lives, without hating them.  Intensely. *single blink* There are actors out there who have played their roles SO EFFING WELL, that my brain’s unable to separate those characters from anything else they choose to do. I understand this is my cross to bear and only mine but I just needed to get it off m’chest when I saw this TRICK, Tony Goldwyn, in a commercial for the new show, “Scandal.” I actually hissed at my screen.  Without further adieu, I’d like to present the Celebrity Men I Hate (…because of how great they were in their respective movies and I’ll continued to loathe their souls every moment thereafter):

Tony Goldwyn as Carl Bruner (“Ghost”)

Danny Glover as Albert (“The Color Purple”)

Laurence Fishburne as Ike Turner, Sr. (“What’s Love Got To Do With It”)


4 responses

  1. I hear this. For absolutely AGES I couldn’t look at Laurence Fishburne in anything. I finally got over it once his appearance changed so radically for Matrix 3.

    • Yes! I was going to have a disclaimer saying that LF ALMOST got me on his side because of his Morpheus role but do you know what didn’t happen? I didn’t come back to his side. All I hear/see/feel is his voice yelling: “ANNA MAY?!”

      Not now, not ever. Haaaaaaaaaaaate.

  2. I feel the exact same way about Jason Alexander because of “Pretty Woman.” He’ll always be a slimy lawyer to me. George Costanza, who?

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