Leave Me Alone

Please press play: 

“Betty Blinks.

Jack seems to blink alot less when looking at Betty’s photos !!! LOL.

Your sweet Betty. Do you look away from the camera because your shy ? humble ? modest ?

All of the above ? LOL.

What an exilerating rush it would be to spend a lunch with such a beauty.

It would be so fun to serenade you with my acoustic guitar.

I would have so much fun singing romantic blues songs to you while you blushed and looked down.

It would be cute.

My sister lives near Eglington and Allen. My car broke down and while I waited to have it fixed I played my resonator acoustic in this big mall for at least 3 hours. It was cool. People didn’t know what to make of me, this white guy smokin’ the blues. a few stopped to chat. It was fun.

Peace Beautiful Lady.


Really? Eglington [sic] and Allen? For those who don’t know, Allen Road is basically the dividing line between what would be considered Little Jamaica (West of the Allen) and Forest Hill (wealthier, Jewish neighbourhood, East of the Allen). *single blink* Are you with me now? Do you see where he’s going with this broken down automobile story? I guarantee his car broke down closer to the West than to the East, therefore I must totally understand and gush at the fact that “this white guy is smokin’ the blues.” Seriously? I know he’s not typing this with any negative connotation, it’s just the biggest turn-off for someone to try to connect on an “ethnic” level when it’s unnecessary. It leads me to believe that’s all they see. I may be completely off base (TRUST – I’m not off base), but it doesn’t change how it feels to read this stuff.

I have only one question for Mr. Jack: How dare you.

Nevermind. I can’t.


6 responses

  1. *I* live right near Eglinton and Allen, and there’s no mall there! I think he means he was at Lawrence. Silly man. It’s easier to spell, too!

    • RIGHT?! Not a damn mall. There’s the Shoppers/Dollarama at Dufferin (and Eglinton) but that’s not a mall AT ALL.

      So the lengths this man went through to try to “connect” is pure nonsense. Hahahahaha @ the spelling. That’s a whole other thing I didn’t even want to tackle buuuuuuuut. since you brought it up… 😉

    • When I saw Eglington I basically through up in my mouth….a lil bit. Like actually, my aversion to terrible spelling (especially when I catch my own mistakes) gives me a violent reaction. Oh Jack. Computer says no.

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