Cupids, Draw Back Your Bows

Please press play: 

Three online profiles were submitted from the contest that ended two weeks ago. The first was posted all last week. After weeding through the one-liners, the blatant racism and copy-&-pasters – here are the three (I know, only three) that are leftover. You guys can vote for me to ‘pass’ or ‘pursue.’

Bachelor #1: He’s 49, 5’11”, looking for a relationship, from Toronto, has kids and does not want any more children.

His message – “Hi, How are you ? I was just browsing through out of curiosity earlier today and i noticed your picture. Very beautiful pictures. I was wondering if you would be interested in communicating with me and possibly get to know each other ? I would be very interested in learning more about you. Hope to hear from you :-)”

Notable mention: all of his kids are over 18 (does not specify how many children)

Bachelor #2: He’s 37, 5’11”, looking for a relationship, from London UK, no children but wants them

His message – “With the looks of a Goddess, you deserve roses and kisses…xXx I would really like to get to know someone as yourself
I am Iooking forward to hearing from you. Bless-up, you are truly extremely stunning & beautiful to look at … xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”

Notable mention: he’s in a black patent Adidas coverall on roller-skates with the Ghana colours striped across his face peeking out from behind his dreads. Photo description: “When I dance on my skates, I travel to many dimention and back again where I can see all the you Goddesses.”

Bachelor #3:  He’s 25, 5’6″, looking for a relationship, from Toronto and has no children

His message – “hey adorable how are you doing ? my name is Matt and you have nice pics and i would love to know more about you what kind music do you listen to ? Rose are red violet are blue your eyes are pretty as the sunlight from the sky surround your overall beauty !”

Notable mention: his poetry skills are amazing *single blink*

You can tell me to ‘pursue’ any or all of them or ‘pass’ on any or all and wait for next week’s batch. Please ask questions about the ones listed above and I will fill in any blanks so you can make an informed decision.  Leave your votes in the comments!

"Help me if you will." ~ Sam Cooke


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