Come Together

Please press play: 

First of all…I’ve been paying close attention to my blog statistics because they interest me so. The fact that someone in Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Australia, Belgium, Egypt, etc. are reading these words (and I don’t have any friends I know of in any of these places) is so exciting.  I’m putting a call out to anyone who doesn’t know me from Canada and around the world. I want you to say “Hello” in the comments section because I wanna know who you are. Let’s be pen pals, okay?

Feeling the love from around the world!

Secondly, there seems to be some consistency in which posts are being read every single day.  I’ve discovered “I Heart Cartoon Men,” “Inappropriate Love Part 1,” and “Inappropriate Love  Part 2” are read multiple times DAILY even though I posted them in early February. This warms my heart. Not only because you’re reading the blog, but you also have sick, sick minds like me. We are all supposed to know each other.  In saying this, I believe I should do an “I Heart Cartoon Men Part 2” and an “Inappropriate Love Part 3” because these boys keep getting younger/older and I’m still a cradle-robber/child-bride.  *single blink*

If it’s cool with you, I’ll regale you with many more of my ridiculous celebrity crushes in the next few weeks. Also, I once did a post on my “Fantasy First Date with Steve Buscemi.” Was that cool? Did you like that? Should I do a series of Fantasy First Dates? Gimme all of your opinions dans la comments boîte below (that means “comments box” in a french I just decided works for me).


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