Don’t You Forget About Me

Please press play (P.S. don’t you get that nostalgic feeling in your gut every time this song plays?)

Hi Friends,

I’ve received a lot of “I’m totally doing this for you” but haven’t actually received any profile options. Cooooome on, find me a potential date. It will be so much fun. All the cool kids are doing it (they’re not, but you’re not a sheep anyway). AND you get to choose who I go out with and hear about the success or calamitous fail.  You know you want this. For me.

Here are the guidelines once more:

  • include a description of me (not necessarily a physical description since I have photos up, but something about my personality, what I do, etc.)
  • a summary of the type of person I should be looking for
  • a description of a fun first date idea
  • Keep it simple. The point is to capture the reader’s interest right off the bat
  • ALL profiles should be written as though I’m writing it, so don’t say “She’s a great catch because…” It should be “I’m a great catch because…”  NOTE: Don’t use anything about me being a ‘great catch’ – it was a lame example! *single blink*
Send ALL profiles to by Friday, April 20th.  I will begin posting profiles the following week and will report back on all of the messages I receive. You will vote who I should pursue. I won’t be able to share their photos but I will share as much information as I can and then y’all can tell me ‘yay’ or ‘nay’ – majority wins.

Help me make this not my bed...any longer. (Meaning not empty, because this bed is EFFING awesome!) It's in you to give.

Have a great weekend!

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