Rhythm Is A Dancer

Please press play, PLEASE: 

This is my heart’s new desire. His name is Keith Apicary aka Nathan Barnatt. You must pay special attention to his Twitter bio – for those who do not have Twitter, it states:

“I gotta be careful about shadow boxing, eventually I’ll just defeat the air, then everyone will suffocate.”

Things to note in the video are as follows:

  • He likes to make his own rules.
  • His dance training is from Samba De Amigo.
  • It’s not a fanny pack. It’s for the Sega Nomad.
  • His power moves.
  • His speech impediment.
  • His mom jeans.
  • His glasses.

His catchprase is "Segacide."

I want to breed with this man. *single blink* No lie, I want to breed with him.

He’s currently in the midst of a war of words with the WWE’s Dolph Ziggler and you can see his response to the wrestler here. I’m pretty sure they’re going to fight and I will be glued to any screen I have in my life to watch it happen. I know you guys think this is a joke but I have true feelings for this man and I thank Kat for bringing him to my attention.


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